Vampires! en Forum Teatro

Thomas and Lucy are two high school students who have to prepare a project on the legendary book “Dracula” by Bram Stoker. Thomas is an avid reader and this is one of his favorite books. Meanwhile, Lucy is not keen on reading, and her biggest dream is to become a great actress. After a heated discussion they decide that their work will be more original than the rest of their classmates, as they decide to dramatize the text of “Dracula” from an adaptation that they themselves create, which includes characters from other horror stories. There is a constant flow of amusing anecdotes and both Thomas and Lucy see themselves at the crossroads of pursuing their project despite all the drawbacks which come with it. It is a wild and frantic story where audience participation will be ongoing throughout the performance.

Compañía de teatro en inglés Forum Teatro


Forum The Company

Director artístico de Forum Teatro

Artistic direction

Eduard Costa

Nivel educativo para las obras de Forum Teatro


Primer Ciclo Secundaria

Duración de las obras de teatro de Forum Teatro


approximately 60 minutes (interactive function)

Aforo de la obra de Forum Teatro

Seating capacity

250 maximum recommended

Idioma de las obras de Forum Teatro



Actores en inglés en Forum Teatro


Native English speaking actors

Montaje del escenario para las obras de Forum Teatro


Assembly done by the company. We include a technician/assistant

Espacio necesario para las obras de Forum Teatro

Stage space

6 meters wide
5 meters deep
2’40 meters high

Personal técnico de Forum Teatro

Sound requirements

(Personal equipment) CD player
2 female Canon connections for two Senheisser microphones

Iluminación necesaria para las obras de Forum Teatro

Lighting requirements

General fixed white light
Warm atmosphere (optional)

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