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At Forum Theatrer & Education we specialize in the production and distribution of theater plays in English, for the purpose of learning the English language, covering the different learning levels of our educational system. For this reason, we have developed two different formats for the performances:


ABC Company

Happy Birthday, Archie en Forum Teatro
Especially contemplated for the little ones, the plays of our “Forum ABC Company” use color, laughter and music to create settings and fantastic stories in which English is part of the fun. We endeavour to create an atmosphere of proximity with the little ones, which is why we recommend that the performance take place in their own school.
Our objective is:

To stimulate the children at the earliest stages of learning the language.

To make them familiar with the diction of native speakers.

and facilitate spontaneous learning of the material and basic linguistic structures for students from 3 to 5 years old.

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The Company

Vampires! en Forum Teatro

The performances of “Forum, The Company” are adapted to the material and linguistic levels of each stage and educational cycle: Primary, Secondary, High School, Training Cycles and Language Schools.

Our main objectives for these students are:

To promote theater as a didactic tool in an educational atmosphere.

To provide the teachers with an efficient tool for teaching the language.

To motiviate the students to learn English with fun and dynamic plays.

To contribute to the critical formation of future spectators.

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All of our plays are performed entirely in English. Every season we select native English speaking actors through a process of casting in which we evaluate their diction, as well as their communication and ability to connect with their audience.

We believe that communication is a fundamental strategy in the learning process of a second language, which is why the sessions are prepared to count on the participation of the audience. Thus they are interactive functions in which the attendee also becomes a protagonist on stage. In addition, the Secondary School and High School students also have the possibility of sharing a conversation/colloquium with the actors at the end of the performance.

Didactic Material

A fundamental part of our work consists in designing the didactic packs that accompany each of our plays. For their implementation, we count on a team of educators, English teachers and illustrators that elaborate the didactic material, adapting it to the different levels of the educational system. We trust that our material fulfils the following objective: to serve as support for the teachers, and to help the students understand and enjoy our plays.

The packs have different levels of difficulty so that the teacher can best adapt them to his group. There are always exercises prepared for before, during and after the performance. The didactic material consists of two parts.

Textos en inglés de Forum Teatro


This material contains cards with written exercises, the synopsis of the play, a description of the characters, specific vocabulary, the lyrics of the songs and the dialogues of some of the scenes.

All of the packs include instructions for the teachers and the keys to the exercises, as well as complementary activities and suggestions for delving further into the topic of the play.

Canciones en inglés de Forum Teatro


In correspondence with the cd of the text, the audio material consists of listening exercises, pronunciation exercises and oral comprehension, and the reproduction of some of the dialogues and songs that are found in the play.

To complement this material, on our web page we provide the choreography of some of the songs so as to motivate the attendees’ participation at the performance.

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