Run the Quality Test

At Forum Theater we always strive to improve, so we would like you to evaluate us. Tell us what we do well and especially what we don’t do so well…to be able to change it. We would appreciate your taking a moment so that we can know your opinion. Thank You!

Data of the Center

Name of the Center:

Data of the Play



Date of the Play:


1) I received it …
 name of the center my name I didn’t receive it, I got it some other way
How did you get the catalogue?

I would like to have it delivered to my home 
(if affirmative, fill out the following form)

2) Dates when you received the catalogue:

3) The information in the catalogue about the contents of the different plays:

4) The information in the catalogue about reservations and how things function in general:

Telephone service and reservations

5) The treatment received is:
 good acceptable deficient
6) The information I receive is clear:
 always sometimes never
7) When I have had some problem or doubt, it was solved successfully:
 yes no I have had no problems or doubts
8) Number of students:
 The students that I confirmed in my initial reservation attended the performance There was a change in the total number of attendees

The didactic material

9) Regarding receiving the material:
 I received it in plenty of time It arrived late. I would have preferred to receive it days before the activity

10) Did you use the material with the students?
 Yes Not completely Not at all

The performance

11) The attention received from the person responsible for Forum was:
 good acceptable deficient

12) The space where the play was performed:
 was adequate were inadequate

13) The quality of the sound was:
 good acceptable deficient

14) The linguistic level of the session was:
 adequate below our expectations above our expectations

15) The level of student participation:
 adequate below our expectations above our expectations

16) The quality of the performance was:
 very good good acceptable deficient very deficient

17) Was the activity as a whole useful?
 yes no


Your opinion is very important to us.

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